Several kinds Of Challenges Occurs In Filed Of Politics. Since Politics Is Most Complex & Most wired Professions,different Layers Of Challenges To Be Managed. By Nature too These Challenges Differs. In Politics / elections, Results Are Always Astonishing & Unpredictable. What We Can’t Imaging, Same Is Results ! Have You ever Wonder That Why So Much Uncertainty is There In Politics ? Why Being Most experienced In Politics,Things Are Not In Your Control ? Even After Your Best Why Results Are Not As Good As You Have Predicted No Matter How Big Name You Are In Politics ? Even The Most Influential Leaders,Biggest parties Too Looses elections Frequently ?

The Only Reason Is That Lack Of Effective Management Of Political Challenges On day To day basis.More Interestingly,In Politics Challenges By Nature Is Also diverse.But Here Broadly we will Divide Them Into 2 Parts – Visible Challenges & Latent Challenges.Even In Most Of cases,Political parties Do not handle visible Challenges effectively On Any Agenda. Latent Challenges Are those challenges which are not visible. Recognizing  Such a set of Latent Challenges in advance is a micro challenge in it self. Few of such A Challenges are discussed below for general information only.

PSYCHOSOMATIC CHALLENGES – Let We Start It from Yourself & Try To Find Challenges Within Inner strata Of  Your Wholesome Political Personality Itself.In general,there is always gap between state of mind & your body actions due to certain dilemma conditions.Here some times you want to implement your decision but in practical way you don’t do it.In same way So Many Psychic Conditions are there which is really a challenge to manage.Some time state of political myopia,political illusion etc etc which definitely affects the right strategic analysis of political environment, decision making & Effective execution of plans.Overall Due to this either we could not judge right things or a state of political confusions / dilemma remains there which makes our efforts/ results uncertain.Such A challenge is too appears for Top leaders,Party workers,Voters,Strategist too.

UNIFORM Vs.  FLEXIBLE APPROACH- Since Politics is highly diversified field & Strategic need differs on different layers of politics. Like In national Level elections,Political dynamics,Liking,Agenda Acceptance may be different than of state level elections.Mostly it has been observed that Political parties Approaches Are Very rigid & lacks a Capability of adoption as per need. Hence as per changing political environment,One Should be always ready to Adopt the Changed Strategy & Course of action for different Elections or political occasions.It Is Clear That Uniform Approach is Never helpful for victory since politics in itself is a nonuniform event.

CROWD BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGES- Since Crowd,Public,Voter or A Human Being is most important constituents of Political environment,It can’t be ignored. Behavior of an Individual voters may differ with crowd behavior. Understanding & Predicting a voters / crowd behavior is most uncertain part. hence predicting Their correct decisions is a field where most of mistakes  are made during strategy making process.

COMPLEXITYAlways remember,being a politician You are going to deal with one of world;s most complex system which is nothing else but your own profession i.e. POLITICS & ELECTIONS itself. Entire Politics,It’s Political environment,It’s different Components & dynamics All Together forms world’s most complex Open system where different Components influences to each-other to bring change.Managing Such A complex Complexity Is A Complex task In itself,hence Always There is probabilities that your political decisions may be wrong & In fact it do happen every time with many political parties.

METAMORPHIC & VOLATILE NATURE OF POLITICS- Metamorphic / Ever hanging nature of politics is always remains a challenge to manage effectively.Several social,economical,psychological forces keep working within political environment due to which current nature of current time politics changes after few times. More Important that these changes & causative agents of these changes remains silent.Hence It Always remains a challenges to recognize these & managing the volatile changes of political environment.

MULTI-LAYERED MECHANISM- Understanding & Managing A Multiple Machinist In A multilayered system is a real challenge. In Any Given particular Political environment,the mechanism of politics is multilayered.Different Forces works all together at different layers collectively at same time.For example,In Any National Level election,Agenda may be of national level & also in any state agenda may be preferred related to its state & so on till last level of politics.So For optimized your political strategies a multi layer approach is required which again is a challenge in itself.

CONCEPTUALIZATION CHALLENGES- Conceptualization is first step of any course of action.Since Political & election environments are heavily wired so understanding each & every parameter is difficult in itself.Without a Sound understanding  of each & every component,it’s dynamics developing a smart concept is always doubtful.Most Of The time our political strategic mistakes starts at concept development level itself.To Manage this challenge, a backward series of analysis & understanding is required.

EXECUTIONAL  CHALLENGES – Once every thing is well understood & defined in Politics,Its ground zero level effective execution is highly important. If Your strategies,plans are not executed well when required there will not be any meaning of all previous act. Pint to note is that execution capability is again another filed of study & should not be ignored. It Also required to develop on day to day basis on different layer of your political organization on party level,district level & on party workers level.

FINE SYNCHRONIZATION- Fine synchronization among all your political activity is utmost requirement. It is never possible that party high command is stating some thing & lower authorities are stating some other things on same topic. So top To Bottom & Bottom To Top micro synchronization must be developed for unilateral & directional Movement for greater achievement.


CONTINGENCY CHALLENGES –Politics & elections are filed where uncertainties meets you on every step & on day to day basis. Any Thing may happen or all of sudden changes may occur. To manage such uncertain political happening ,a effective contingency management system should be there.Since By Nature,contingency occour without any prior information so managing these effectively is too a biggest challenge at-least in politics. Due to poor management of this,several parties faces crisis time to time in past in in present too.



Covering Politics / Election campaign on both axis micro & Macro is  a biggest challenge. Most The Parties Pay attentions only for Macro events & Neglect Micro Challenges addressing. Reason Behind this is micro challenges by nature are not easily traceable & very high infrastructure is required to address these challenges.So micro challenges mostly remains un addressed which turns into as a potential reason for failures.

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