WHY You Should watch All Ak Mishra Live TV debates & Must Read All Editorial Page  Articles – If You Have A Thurst For New way Of Knowing About Dynamics Of elections, An  Analysis Of Election On Totally Different Parameters,Watch All Live Tv debates & Read All Editorial Page Articles Of AK Mishra.




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In Mushroom Growth Where Every One claims For Best,AK MISHRA is The Only Political Consultant / Election Strategist Who Enjoys Very High Media Reputation / Authentication,  Both In Print & Electronic Media.Several Editorial Page Article On Political / election Campaigning Strategies,Dynamics Has Been Published In Leading News Papers Explaining The Never Discussed Latent  Dynamics,Mechanism Behind The Unpredictable Results Of Elections.

More Than This, AK Mishra Is A Preferred Strategic Political Analyst On different News Channels On Special Occasions Like On Elections & Political Events To Explain The micro Dynamics (Not Bogus Story telling in Old Fashion) That what Factors Changes The Results? What was Mechanism & why Situation Changed ? i.e. an Insight Analysis Of Latent which normally others don’t see.You Can say It’s Data Vs Dynamics ?

Due to His This Unique edge Over Other Political Consultants/Strategist / Political Leaders,He has Been Invited For Full Day Live Analysis On Different Voting & Vote Counting days,No Other Political Consultants enjoys Such a Media Stake. Reason Behind This Is Most Accurate Analysis,simplifications of dynamics & forces which changes results,Election’s Results Predictions which Turned Into Reality Later on. More Than This His explanations Behind Results Is unmatched. The Live Social Media Viewership Jumps Very High On His all Live programmes. His Invincible Logic Always Conclude The Issues .


Read AK Mishra’s Published Interviews
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 Virat Vaibhav Interview – https://goo.gl/3CZjM0

Election’s Results Predictions By AK Mishra 

(The Most Notable USP)

What Ever Elections Results Has Been Predicted by Ak Mishra Long Back & Far Before Dates of Elections Was 100% True.

  1. In Gujarat Elections,Only He predicted Marginal Victory (+/- 10 Seats) Of BJP while All Leading Media & Political Research Agencies Were predicting 120-145 Seats For BJP.
  2. Similarly many month ago He Predicted That Hardik Patel may provide a minor dent but will Not Be Winner.
  3. In Uttar Pradesh Mayor Elections,In Advance He predicted Victory Of BJP,Which Again was True. Similarly For Uttar Pradesh 2014 elections He predicted for Clean Sweep by BJP,which Again was True.
  4. In same way He Predicted For BJP Tripura Victory.
  5. Defeat Of BJP On Both Gorakhpur/Phoolpur seats In UP By Elections March 2018 Which Was Again True.
  6. Himanchal Pradesh Elections BJP Victory.
  7. Latest In This series Is Prediction of Rajya Sabha  of 9th Seat voting In Uttar Pradesh.AK Misra predicted For Defeat Of BSP Candidate,AK Mishra In detail Analysed Raja Bhaiya Political Kinesis Which Was A factor For Victory Of BJP.      & The List is Continued on several other political issues … etc etc.  All These predictions Are On Media Records. Plz Watch These Predictions …
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