Mostly We think that in politics, competition is created only by rival parties or opposition.If Such is also your opinion,it needs to change.If We analyse,we will find that in politics multi-layer Competition is existing & Managing all layers is utmost requirement for success.We can discuss This Issue Under following..

We Considers That Political Competition exist In 4 Tiers –  i.e.


The First Layer Of competition which you have to face is your competition with yourself. Remember Being an good politician your Political Characteristics must be charismatic so that you can influence mass.Point to remember that All Political Party / Political Movements Was Started by a single person and later on it was converted in mass movement. Why & How, A small act started by single person transformed into big political movement & that single person was accepted by as a leader ? It was because his wholesome political personality was influential. every day you have to work to improve your political capabilities Than & Than One may lead in filed.Here Our team help you in a different way to improve individual leaders wholesome political traits to be first preference in any political environment & To be accepted as politician .


The First Place of political competition which one faces to manage is Party Itself. Within party An Internal Conflict among It’s different lobby does exist. If Not managed well,The severity may occur & later it may turns into concept of political cannibalization which may harm your political party seriously. Most Of party is victim of this phenomenon. Due to this internal power conflict political parties got fragmented in past & faced great losses in all terms and decades of hard work to establish a party went into vein suddenly overnight.Here our strategic supports help you to manage political competition within party well. If you are a individual politician,we help you well to fight internal party competition so that your importance within party remains unaffected and your political influences grows fast within party itself.


Once You Manages Well Above said 2 Layers of competition,Managing the next layer is no more a competition truly.Here You have to manage the competition by Other parties On day to day basis. However this too requires a systematic approach and capabilities. Here Our Team Assist you On day to day basis on two parameter -> saving your party by attack of your rival parties & Attacking on your rival parties to nullify their influences in mass with constitutional limitations.Services are available to understand rival parties possible sets of attack possibilities & managing them well.


In This, We consider Such A Political competitions which are not recognizable by front or not practically happening but potentially they may create a competition to you.It May Include Your rival parties future planning,Any agenda launched in politics or any natural force genesis in background in latent way which in future may change political environment.For example any social change,demand by society,any economical changes which may affect politics in future etc etc. We keep an micro vigil over such genesis & warns our client to be prepared well because these are undeclared political dangers. To recognize the pulse of such competition a very alert & futuristic approach is required so that we can shape our clients as per future changes in politics to maintain the status quo.

COMPETITION WITHIN COMPETITION-   On Any Layer Of Competition,Further Multifarious Competitions Exist In Same Arena.All These Makes Politics Complex Competitive Filed.For Example One May Face A Competition With their Rival party Further The Same Party Have To Fight Same Competition On Political,Social,Economical And So many Different Platforms.Managing Complex Competitive Dynamics Layer Over Layer Is Utmost Requirement For Any Strategic Expert.

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