Even After Doing Your All the Best,Best Social Media,Best Rallies With Huge Crowd etc etc,  If You Are Not Getting Your Political Goals & Desired Results In Politics Than Need To Think About Your Strategic Think Tank…….. You Must Read This Page Seriously ….

Have You Ever Wondered That Why Your All Efforts Failed Even After Your Very Very Confident Deceleration Of Victory In Forth Coming Elections,Being  Best Experienced Party & Having Best Of Experienced Politicians,Strategists,Millions Of Party Members/Workers,Hired Professionals, & After Investing Huge Money,Time,Efforts During Election Campaigns ?

Politics ! Every Thing On Bet – For Victory !




POLITICS / Elections The World’s one of oldest profession yet complex puzzle yet to understand like other disciplines of studies……. esp Indian / Indian Sub Continents (Other Countries too) Politics / Election Mgt. is one of most complex & toughest Puzzle. As We Have Already Stated That Understanding the dynamics of politics is really a complex puzzle. Remember Some Of Past Elections Results Here …

                                                    Why In India Congress which was A ruling Party since Last 70 Years With Most Of Experienced Leaders was Defeated  By BJP ? & Why Just after few Month BJP Was Clean swiped By Aam Aadmi Party In New Delhi elections ,Or Why BJP Fails In Bihar even After PM Mr Modi declared 1.25 Lakhs Cr Package To Bihar ? Or Why In US Presidential Elections Mrs Hilary Clinton Was defeated By Mr. Donald Trump Who Was Believed To Carry A Negative Image ?

With Above Few Of examples Some Of Burning Questions Which Every Politician / Political party Should Ask Themselves Honestly  For Future Improvement ? 

  1. Why Your Vote Bank Shifted Suddenly To Other parties Which Was Developed  By Your Decades hard Struggle ?
  2. Why Mass Public Perceptions  Went Against You While the  Same Public( Voters)  Were  Liking (Voting) You Till Last elections, Even the party Is same,It’s Leaders Are Same,It’s Ideology & Agenda Are Same ?
  3. Even If Your Hard Core Vote Bank Voted You,Why You Could Not win elections  Yet ?
  4. Why Most Experienced Leaders who have won several elections Too Lost elections  ?
  5. Why Biggest/strongest Party Too Looses elections Badly who ruled for decades in a row ?
  6. Why Your All The very Best efforts ,strategies,Campaigns, etc Did Not yield Desired results ?
  7. Why Your Best Social Media / Media & Communication Management Fails ?
  8. Why The Crowd Was Not Attracted Or If There was Big Crowed In Your Rallies Why It was Not Converted Into Votes ?
  9. And Finally, Having decades Of experience,Having Best experienced Politician,Strategist Team- why All They Collectively Was Not Able to Detect The Actual Situations & develop The Strategy ?

With Above It Is Clear That Some Biggest gap Is yet lying in understanding of Political dynamics By Strategists.This is because of Due to lack of scientific Study In this field no matter politics in it self is one of oldest profession in world & evolved with the human civilization.No Systematic Information is available like wise other field of studies that How to manage politics, election Campaign etc. Hence All Election campaigns etc are just merely managed on  Ad hoc / extempore basis.A Systematic,Scientific & Professional Approaches Are still Lacking in this filed.

Nothing Else Is Factor Behind Success Or Failure But It’s Only Your Political Myth/Facts. All The Above Failures can Be Managed once, if we understand Following Myth & Facts About Politics ..

  1. What Exactly Needed In Politics ? Politics is ever-changing Phenomena,Dynamics,Liking & Preferences Changes In Election to elections.All These Changes May Be Visible or invisible.Picking the pulse of all these changes is very important to develop right strategy & Campaign.Over all Ultimate goal in Politics is To convert crowd into votes by changing mass political preferences.Rest All Actions are merely inclined to achieve this goal only.
  2. Experience Vs. Innovation – The biggest myth in political world,within party, are that they thinks experience counts. But in ever changing political environment in today’s time experience has no value. Its the time of Innovation. Days Has gone when experience was an imp factor.Remember The past elections results … The most experienced Political Party In India i.e. Congress with all Its 70 Yrs Old experienced Leaders was clean swept by BJP.Again Just after few Time In Delhi state election BJP & Congress Both Were Clean swept By Aam Adami Party.Point to Noted That Both Congress & BJP were Leading & Most experienced Parties In India & carries Longest expouser even they were badly defeated by just hardly newly formed party AAP which was having zero yrs exp In politics. So Always remember experience is not a guarantee for success in politics because political environment is highly volatile with ever changing political dynamics So be Innovative .
  3. Who Need Our micro Strategic Political Consulting ? – Answer is Every One Needs Political Consulting ! No Matter You are ruling Party Or In opposition , You Are An Individual Candidate/Politician,You Are Newly Launched Political party,You Are A established Or Struggling party ? Reason Behind That In Today’s Political Environment There is No Space For A Single Mistake,Wrong Action/Statement Becoz Once You Made a Mistake It Is Recorded On Digital Media & May Be Used In Future Against You To damage Your Political Image By Reproducing It Again.Every Successful & Leading Party candidates Utilize Expert Services Weather they Disclose it or not. If You Are Successful & Ruling Party You Need To Maintain Your STATUS QUO of excellent Political Performance To Win Next elections Hence You Need Strategic experts. If Your Are In opposition Than You Need to Supersede Your Rival  Hence you too  Need experts team. And if You Are A Struggling Political Party,New Political party,Individual Politician Or New entrants In Politics Than You Have To Achieve Your Political Goals Asap In This Toughest & Most Complex  Political environment.
  4. When & Why Need micro Strategic Political Consulting – Mostly We  Thinks That We Need micro Strategic Consulting Just Before few Months Of Elections ? Remember That Politics Is A Set of Organic Events In A  Continuous Manner Hence Continuous development Is Only Way By Which You Can Achieve Your Established Goals.THE ULTIMATE GOALS IN POLITICS FOR AN ESTABLISHED POLITICIAN OR POLITICAL PARTY is to Influence Public To develop A Political Bonding With Them So that At Voting day They Vote You. If You Slow down  Or Your Wrong Steps People May get shifted To Rivals Easily.So We Can say To Attract New Voters,To Keep Maintain Them With You,& To Motivate Them To Act/ Vote you .It Is A cyclic Process In Which regular engagement Of You/Your Party & Voter Is Required.NOW COMING on Second Part Why You Need micro Strategic Consulting ? One Can say That He Is Having decades Of Experience In Politics & Won Several elections In past …….So Why One Lost Elections ? Why All Top Most experienced Leaders,Ruling Parties Lost elections ? This Is simple Answer That Why Even Best Successful Politicians / Political parties Needs our micro Strategic Political Consulting Services. ———————————————————————Second Reason That Why One Need Our micro Strategic Political Consulting Is That Politics Is Most Dynamics,Complex & Ever Changing Profession. Here Trends,Liking disliking Of Voters,Public Choices,Preferences Changes Very fast. To Succeed In Such A highly Competitive & Volatile Environment,Expert Professionals Are Required Who Can Assit You To :::: Stop Making Mistakes -> To Weaken Your Rival -> To Influence Mass -> To Get Them (Public) engaged Continuously With You -> To Emerge / Establish You As First Preference Of Voters/Public. ::::::: SO now It’s Your Turn To decide Weather To Utilize Your resources & Time Effectively With Right Strategy & Approach To Get desired Results By Minimizing Risks To Ensure Better Productiveness   ASAP Or Keep Going With Outdated  Norms & Myths by which you got only disappointments Year Over Years, elections Over elections ?
  5. Strategic Consultants Vs. Media Consultants – In Today’s Mushroom Growth Of Political Consultants,Every Person, Who Merely Manages  Social Media, Promotion Services/Electronic Or Print Media etc etc, Claims That They Are Political Consultant. Always remember That Social Media,Media Management is Merely Tool Not Techniques.It May Only help to Pass Your Messages To Max No Of people.But Weather Quality Of Message is able to achieve goal or not ? Always REMEMBER That Core Factor Responsible For Victory Is Your –  Strategy ->Tactic->Techniques->Operations. It Is Only Strategic Part Of Your Campaign, which provides you an edge over your rival Than Its Your Tactics i.e. how to execute Strategies In A Given Situation. These first 2 factors are Uncontrollable & Major Task Is To Manage This 2 factor. Rest Other 2 Factors i.e. Technical & Operational Is Controllable & every One Can Access.Example is that every party is using media,rallies,social media etc well but why not winning Elections ? Think Over It About difference between core Political Consulting & Media Consulting ?
  6. PROPAGANDA Vs. EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGNING – Do You Merely making propaganda or effective campaign ? Does Your Rallies,,Speeches, activities are enough capable to bend the iron rod of politics ? Most Of Political parties Campaign,Actions merely falls into category of propaganda. A very micro difference is there in propaganda & in effective campaigns. Propaganda may be a double edged weapon,Propaganda may or may not deliver desired results,Propaganda may turn into self damage & can harm your image instantly or in future & You May be forced to take your turn to damage control. In day To day Life so Many examples In Political campaigning world is there for it.WHILE when a propaganda programme is well planned by understanding micro dynamics of current political environment & future course of action,it delivers desired results & is Known as effective Campaigning.So Always Focus On Effective Campaigning Rather Than Just Ongoing Propaganda For better results.This Is One of major reason why your propaganda could not turn voters in your favor even after best social media,media,campaign Mgt. etc.Because it ultimately could not influence public in both required qualitative  & quantitative way to change their Political preferences To Change their voting decisions  & Finally To convert their voting decision into action i.e. voting for you at voting day. 
  7. ATTRACTING CROWD Vs. CONVERTING CROWD INTO VOTES – Almost In rallies Of Leading Political parties / Leaders huge crowd are there & By seeing this crowd we assumes for our victory ? But We lost elections ? Why ? Reason Behind This Is That why This crowd was Not Converted Into Votes ? For This It Is Important to understand crowd constituents & Crowd behavior. This Is actual Challenge That Attracting crowd is different thing & taking this crowd to next level i.e. Converting Crowd Into Votes Is Different Challenge & different strategies are required.So Just by seeing crowd in your rallies don’t be politically Myopic because crowd gathering is not the end of ur actions but far ahead  you have to go yet …
  8. DATA Vs. DYNAMICS – NUMBER CRUNCHING Vs. MECHANISM UNDERSTANDING – Most Of the People heavily focus on data.But Only data is not alone which can insure your victory. Second Reason is that the same data is available to your other rival parties ! So How To Make an edge over your rival ? Answer of this question is that Utilising this data to develop Such Political Campaign Strategies which can Bring change in dynamics of politics. So Focus over to understand dynamics Not only on data.This is reason why predictions of most of polling research agencies fails . ( To Understand It Watch AK Mishra 100% Correct Predictions Of  All major elections Results Videos Click On – https://goo.gl/sP4yM2 )
  9. ARITHMETIC Vs. CHEMISTRY Vs. BIOLOGICAL APPROACH – Here We Have To understand that main constituents of politics is human being weather it is leaders or voters.Politics is purely a field where lively forces works each others. So we Should take it as Socio Biological Process which gradually grows,changes & Not only human body but more complex Their Brain,Emotions,Psychology Is involved to develop voters decision. Hence A regular psychosomatic actions are required to make your strong presence. Only The Science & Scientific PrinciplesTheories,Tools & techniques are not sufficient to break the ice But a sociopolitical Approach is Advised.
  10. EVENT MGT. Vs. INFLUENCE Mgt. & PUBLIC PERCEPTION CHANGE MGT- Your every Political Activities,Rallies,statement falls typically Under Category Of Entertaining Event management If It Is Not Able to Break The Current & Strongly Established  Political Perception . Remember That Your Every Political Activities Prime Target Should be to bring a change in Political Ideology Of Mass.So Recognize This Fine difference & Don’t Be with Political Illusions That You successfully Managed a political event.
  11. OCCASIONAL / AD-HOC Vs. REGULAR APPROACH – As We Have Already stated that political leaders get activated just few month before of elections. Remember Being A Politician You Or Party Activities Should be working on contentious basis Because erasing the image of your opposition party from psychology of voters is a typical task & its’ require regular hammering to change the perception of mass.
  12. CASUAL Vs. MICRO STRATEGIC APPROACH – For Assured results,one should not take politics as ongoing casual act but it also required serious approach on micro level as other disciplines requires to excel.Understanding Political Environment,It’s Constituents ,dynamics & Forces working each other which ultimately changes the inclination f public is toughest task.
  13. COMMON TO ALL Vs. SPECIALIZED MULTI TYRE STRATEGY WITHIN STRATEGY APPROACH – Politics In Human Civilization is most unpredictable event & very specific approach,strategies are required  for each & every time and in each & every elections. It has been observed that re elections in same are provides very different results.Not Only this,Multi Layer course of action and strategy set is required to manage different layers of political dynamics as whole management. So utmost flexibility and ready to response infrastructure preparation is required.
  14. POLITICAL CONSULTING Vs. POLITICAL MARKETING – Political Consulting Is A micro specialized filed where as a whole all dynamics are managed To control The Things when They go against to you.While Political Marketing Be Limited to spreading your Information into environment. Developing an exact match of Political strategy & Current Set Of Mass opinion & To change it as per need is task of Strategic Political Consulting.  
  15. VISIBLE Vs. LATENT DYNAMICS/ ACTION AXIOMS – In Political environment,Several forces acts sententiously upon each-other & as a results public get influenced & take their decision.And dynamics Or all these forces by nature is latent i.e. not visible.It Is typical task to get their pulse & develop strategies accordingly.Even Whatever visible factors are there,managing them is also a typical task.
  16. FRONTAL ATTACK Vs. ENCIRCLED ATTACK / MANAGEMENT- In Politics mostly rivals are managed by frontal attack on day to day basis but have you ever thought beyond this,one steps ahead i.e. Encircled Attack Means Checking your rivals that they becomes totally Paralyzed  against you. As BJP Is doing In India .
  17.  TRADITIONAL POLITICS Vs. PRACTICAL POLITICS– Traditional style of politics & leadership has contained  today since in past 20 yrs due to developments lots of changes has emerge in society.the way now how public thinks is different,their choices are different & different social forces has changed the entire political  scenario weather it is India Or Any Other country. examples are there that several political movements,ideology has been abandoned by people in different countries.. However Traditional Politics will play the role of backbone but for strategic edge, practical  politics  as limb must be introduced in your political kitty.Practical Politics focuses that in a given short time span as per situation,what to do & how much can be get deviated to achieve goals being intact with backbone i.e. Traditional Politics. —> To Know More About Practical Politics Click On – http://politicalconsultant.in/pratical-politics/
  18.  AND FINALLY — HIRING FOREIGN CONSULTANTS Vs. LOCAL CONSULTANTS – Remember 2014 Uttar Pradesh State elections in which there were news that Ruling SamajWadi Pary (SP) Hired STEVE JARDING – Famous Harvard Professor and campaign manager and political consultant of Democrats in US Or In Current News Abt Hiring CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA – A LEADING BRITISH FIRM, ( Think Why They failed In Indian Political Environment),  But What Was results every One Knows.Even After alliances with oldest & Most Experienced party Of India- Congress, Samajwadi party was defeated badly. Not only this implementing Steve Jarding Suggestions – what ever campaign was run (  Fight for Mike On stage Between Sri Akhilesh Yadav & Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav) made such a dent to Samajwadi party which becomes non repairable as per image building concept. However every one was appreciating for holding media for 1 month continuously but no one could imagine that what will be coleteral political damage & as results party went into severe conflicts just becoz of wrong campaign concepts in elections. Fact to always keep in mind that elections are highly influenced by socio-political sentiments & understanding rich & diversified Indian Socio-political micro dynamics is not a job of any foreign expert.In foreign countries same language, same culture & same issues are there but in India On every seats In elections Socio-political dynamics & Voters behavior/preferences changes.Indian SocioPolitical enviorment is world most complex,Most Diversified,Most wired & Fastest hanging Dynamics .This is reason why Steve jording could not understand Uttar Pradesh elections dynamics.The Politics Of INDIAN SUBCONTINENTS is totally different from other countries & is more complex too.However Consultants of This reason can work effectively in other countries becoz their experience are very rich due to working & facing  of most  complex nature of politics in Indian Sub Continents & due to working in such a diverse & volatile ever shifting sociopolitical environment which is not available in foreign countries..


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