100% True Prediction Of Elections By AK Mishra

No Matter What Was Occasion Weather It Was Gujarat election,UP Nikaya Election,Rajya Sabha elections,What Ever Analysis / Prediction AK Mishra Made On Live Tv debates All was 100% True. Where All Other Predictions Was Failing,Till today No Prediction Of AK Mishra Went Wrong. This Our USP & Is Because we don’t consider only few factors Like Most analyst / big survey firms Only consider Data BUT we consider multi micro factor to analyse the same situation.

You Yourself can Judge The quality Of Our Conceptual Clarity Plz click Below Link To watch All AK Mishra Election’s Result Predictions ..



What Ever Elections Results Has Been Predicted by Ak Mishra Long Back & Far Before Dates of Elections Was 100% True.

In Gujarat Elections,Only He predicted Marginal Victory (+/- 10 Seats) Of BJP while All Leading Media & Political Research Agencies Were predicting 120-145 Seats For BJP.
Similarly many month ago He Predicted That Hardik Patel may provide a minor dent but will Not Be Winner.
In Uttar Pradesh Mayor Elections,In Advance He predicted Victory Of BJP,Which Again was True. Similarly For Uttar Pradesh 2014 elections He predicted for Clean Sweep by BJP,which Again was True.
In same way He Predicted For BJP Tripura Victory.
Defeat Of BJP On Both Gorakhpur/Phoolpur seats In UP By Elections March 2018 Which Was Again True.
Himanchal Pradesh Elections BJP Victory.
Latest In This series Is Prediction of Rajya Sabha  of 9th Seat voting In Uttar Pradesh.AK Misra predicted For Defeat Of BSP Candidate,AK Mishra In detail Analysed Raja Bhaiya Political Kinesis Which Was A factor For Victory Of BJP.      & The List is Continued on several other political issues … etc etc.  All These predictions Are On Media Records. Plz Watch These Predictions …



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