Political Ambush / LABYRINTH Or A Squared Planning Is A Willfully Crafted Trap By Your Rival Party Which Not easily Identified But After a Certain Phase When You Reaches On No U-Turn Position,It Is Exposed By Rival party To Enjoy Benefit By It.In This One Is Putted In such A circumstance That He Commits Blunders To The Level Of Non Controllable.In Politics On every step You May Experience This And  Political Labyrinth May Be Set By Any One. Not Necessarily That Your  Declared Rival Political party But Your Very Much Close & Confidential One Too Can Craft A Strategic Political Squared Against You.In Such a Tough Cutthroat Competition,One Must Have To Be Very Alert.In Past several examples You Find Of This. And every One Has experienced This Phenomenon In His Political Career.  In Fact Making Strategic Political Squared Is One Of Important Tactics To Weaken Rival so That Ones Political Supremacy May Sustainable.It Exist With the Origin Of Politics & will Exist Till The Time Politics exist In This world. So No One Can Ignore This.

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