As We Have said that Politics Is A Profession Filled With Political illusions,Uncertainties etc etc Hence some times Principle based Politics may not be effective in a given political constraints. In fact Your political efforts delivers best when there is a perfect combinations of principles & practical approaches both in very refined manner.

Practical Politics Is An Approach In which Decisions are taken based on current or near future  comparative strategic need.Some deviations here may occurs from principles in justified way to be fitted in changed need of environment. The best example of this is that China Even There Principle political ideology Is Communism but they too adopted the principles of Capitalism for sustainability.

In short Practical Politics deals That when more than one options is available to choose for your goal,which one you should select based on your strategic political need. Example alliances between two different rival political parties To Contest In an elections.

Caution : Practical Politics is again double edged weapon & if not managed well can harm yourself too. the Best Example of this Alliance of Samajwadi Party & Congress In Uttar Pradesh elections 2017.

So Before Taking decision, of different competitive & strategic suitability must be evaluated for the political success purpose.

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