This Classification Of Our Service Covers Your Project As A Whole &  Its Different Components Too- Both On micro & Macro Level. Further, As A Whole In Umbrella Manner,The Entire Services Has Been Putted  Under Integrated Services. Further This Section Is Divided  Into 4 Part Broadly  Which Is Covers & Manage Entire Project Activities.

  1. Strategic Services
  2. Tactical Services
  3. Technical Services
  4. Operational Services.

The Above 4 class Services Are Further divided Into Sub Segments. The Above 4 Different Part Is required To Manage A Complete Political  Consulting / Election Campaigning Project.Since Politics Is A wide Scope Profession And By Nature Several Kind Of Services Are Required To Manage It As A whole.Hence We Have Classified All Our Services based On Real Time Requirement.All these services Are performed By Creating Approx 20 Different Departments,Working On More Than 70 different strategic Parameter on Every day  Basis.More details Are available On request Of Clients.

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