The First & Foremost Importance we give for “Strategic Services” & Than To “Tactical Services” – WHY ? These Two Services Are Key Deciding Factor For Efficiency & Accuracy of Your Political Campaigns & It’s Result Delivery.

In Strategic Segments We Consider All Entire Political Environment Scanning,Find Qualitative & Quantitative (Q/Q ) Key TopoGeographical Political Information Of Each Constituency To develop Parameters,Developing Strategic Course Of Actions Like Campaign,Strategic Communications,Political Agenda,Booth Level Working  etc etc & All Other micro & Macro Factors Which will Play Main Role Of Anchor For Target.

Remaining two services ( Technical & Operational) are important Too, but are secondary. Reason behind That Is Politics Is Highly dynamic Filed where Changes occurs very fast. So Managing Such A Changes effectively can be possible by strategy. Strategy Is a Technique By which With  Limited Resources One Can Make An edge Over Their Rivals.The Innovation Scope Is Very High In This Category. Secondly Technical & Operational Services has Homogeneous Nature in terms of productivity & results are same for every user.Example That With a Technical Support say Video Camera,Output will be same for everyone in a given set of norms.

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