In One Word, As A whole Reason For defeat In Politics Is that Your Party Is Not Having Such a System which can Deliver The Results As per Changing Needs of Political environment.However It May Be a Political illusion that You Understand That Your System is the Best One ! Every party Is Affected With This Political Illusion except The winning one at a given time. So Here we will analyse some the Barriers which Really Hamper Your Performance In Any election


The Most serious harm in politics is by your own mistakes. It’s Not the rival party’s attack which harms you. In All elections You Lost Elections because you committed mistakes, It was Not the rival party which did better than you. When You Create a Mistake,Than & then Rival party get a chance to attack you & in-cash the opportunities or space given by you to your rival party.Remember The 2014 elections,BJP Just In cashed effectively Mistakes created by ruling Congress party. So we Consider this fact as biggest Barrier for your success in politics.


In most of cases, Politicians & Strategist Are Influenced by Political Myopia & Political Illusions. Due to this They are not able to analyse the situation & Current & Possible future political challenges in an honest & scientific way.Hence They make plans & acts within limitations of their Myopic & Illusive Strategic Limitations. Hence even after Utilizing At par or better resources either in quantitative/qualitative or both manner in respect of winning party,the outcome is inferior.So It Is Advised That One must carry the flexible Thought process which is ever-ready to accept the changes in politics.

3. Lack Of Effective System & Delivery Mechanism

This Is The first barrier In Your victory. Most Of party thinks That their day to day Delivery Mechanism Is Perfect But In Most cases they are not enough capable as per demand of highly competitive Political environment. So Utmost Preference to be given to develop a highly performing 24 x 7 Hrs responsive system Which can tackle any change In Political environment On day To day basis.


Politics is very diversified field & requires multidisciplinary approach. Hence No One Alone or a small group can bear the effective strategic load it’s execution,monitoring etc.So For each strategic Political Goals Specified Expert team Must Be There to manage high degree of competition in most uncertain environment & in time too. i.e. Quick Mannered.


A very fine micro synchronization is utmost required between closed & open ended political environment.Even Having Most experienced Leaders team,It Has Been observed that due to non existence of effective synchronization, activities were not performed as effective it was needed or planned.Fore speedy,Effective & Competitive deliver this concept must to be developed & Adopted by you.Here Point to remember that heavy dependency only on one part or group of parts may leads to failure like Depending only on heavy social media / media promotion may be helpful but not a ultimate tool.Overall Media social Media Is used By All party at it’s best but why they don’t win ?


Remember That Politics & Political Activities are double edged weapon. All Activity,Plans Initially Looks Correct And Attractive .Not necessary That Your every political act / event will deliver results if it is not needed by environment. More Than This It May fails to make it influence on people. And Continuously in row few of your activities becomes in effective,people stops taking seriously to you or your political activities. More than this Your political activities may create harm to you & your political image. Hence Better not to do any political activity if it not proper evaluated well in advance & a parallel mechanism is not available to manage collateral Political damage.So Recognizing This micro difference is only deliver can results in your favor otherwise there may equally chances of COLLATERAL DAMAGE.


Let It May be any part of Your political party i.e. Leaders,workers,authorities,modern tools,techniques their efficiency must be matched at par with current required environment.Means every one must be able to work with best possible efficiency for desired results. To achieve this parameter continuous efficiency up-gradation required by training & development ( In case Of Human Being Like Leaders,Workers etc) & On Technical Platform too.


Blitzkrieg /  Stance / Surprise …… ( Many More) are some the never discussed concept in politics to make an strategic edge over your rivals. A Small Mistake In Politics May Be lethal. Remember Gujarat Assembly elections 2017 where A Small Word Change entire game in favor of BJP. SO Response Must Be Quick,Surefire & Logical.Illogical Activities will create damage to your own Party Image.

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