Elections ! The Most Vital But Most Complex Profession ! How Do You Take It Decides Your Future !

Our Concept

Take Elections Seriously

Elections  ! Opportunities once in a 5 years. Once defeated the next chance will come after 5 years & In this manner if any leader losses 3 elections his political career vanishes.

Loosing election does not limited to this fact that some other won but it dents you more deeply in latent way what it can’t be imagined. Loosing an elections means you looses your hard earned Political Image Which was earned by investing lots of money,may years times.More ever You Looses Your confidence in your eyes,your supporters too loose faith in your leadership & Team of followers which was created by hard working get started to disassociate with you.

You Can Imaging The recovery of all above things once again will be how much difficult ? For more understanding Just watch Our Chief AK Mishra Below Video Recorded at His Nagpur Press Meet / seminar Where he explained The Latent Factors that why you should take your elections very seriously – At least Nothing Less Than Victory In First Stroke.

Like Wise Other Profession Politics Is Also A Profession.To Make Your Career In Politics One Must Take This Profession/ Career seriously Like Other Profession & Careers. A Honest & dedicated & More ever Strategically Right approach / Decisions / Plans & Its Effective Execution Is Required To Achieve Success.

A Regular Efforts / activity is required. Merely Working Before few Months Of elections Weaken Your career To shine. For a Long Therm & Permanent Establishment Of You / Your Party As Leading Politician Or Political party every day Flexing Your Political Muscles Is Advised Becoz Once Getting Slow, very High Chances Is there To Be replaced By Rival Political Party.

Very much micro Strategic & Systematic Approach Is required. Analyzing The entire Political environment & Its dynamics & Developing Most Suitable Course Of Actions Axioms will Only Be delivered Desired Results .By Us That All is engaged Only attacking On Rival party & thinks That This Is Only way To Bring Rival On Their Knee. But First More Focus should Be On defense  which will Protect You / Your Party By self damaging.Try Not To Give any loop Hole To Rival By Any Of Your Wrong Step, Act, Statement.Point To Remember – Most Of Times, Parties looses elections By Their Own Mistakes,wrong decisions,statements etc, Not By attacks Of Rival parties.

Finally,Not To Forget That Speed Of Change In SocioPolitcal dynamics / Voters Preferences Is fastest In Comparison Of any Other Profession & Are Latent By Nature Too. So Make Your self / Your Party Strategically Flexible To Be Fit Best In Changing Political environment So that whatever Environment Come, You/Your Party remains First Choice Of Voters.

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